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Choose from the options below and contact us if you have any questions about our party options and any custom features you would like to include.


At this time, we will offer 9 different party packages.

With all party packages, your birthday boy/girl receive a complimentary embroidered Kids Chem Cook apron in their favorite color and a special party gift too!


Prices reflect additional options and features

Birthday Parties = about 2 hours in length

We can bring the party to you or at Inspired Minds Art Center in Buda, Tx.

*Choose your Party + complete + submit the Party Request Form (located below).
Once we receive your application we will contact you to confirm details and payment.


#1. The Basics of Atoms & Molecules

Homemade Mini Pizzas

Cost: $325 up to 10 children


Guests will learn the basics of atoms and molecules.

To learn this concept, they will build their own molecules using dots, marshmallows, and other edible foods. The culinary portion involves working with gluten, a molecule that holds dough together as they make their own personal pizzas.

Experiment: Children will build their own molecules using edible foods.

Culinary: Mini Homemade Pizza. Guests will create their own pizza dough, make their own pizza topped with their favorite ingredients and feast on this all-time favorite food that's baked fresh out of our mini ovens. 


Homemade Pizza
Apple Pie

#2. Learning About Matter

Mini Homemade Pies

Cost: $350 up to 10 children


The science portion teaches your guests about matter. This includes a short discussion about physical & chemical properties that make up all matter. Children 

will conduct a thrilling experiment and then make their own apple pie that helps explain these properties. This experiment together with the homemade apple pies are both thrilling and delicious!

Experiment: Elephant Toothpaste (all-time favorite)

Culinary: Homemade Apple Pies

This dessert is topped with either vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. The birthday boy or girl decide on their favorite topping.

Mini Hamburgers

#3. Launch Your Lunch w/ Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

Meatball Sliders

Cost: $325 up to 10 children


Guests will learn Newton's 3 Laws of Motion and build their own catapult. To test these theories, they will launch grapes, marshmallows, and meatballs in this competitive experiment.

In the kitchen, we will use meatballs (new ones) to make delicious meatball sliders. They are sure to please every guest!


Experiment: Build Your Own Catapult

Culinary: Mini-Meatball Sliders


#4. Willy Wonka Aeorodynamics 

Chocolate Balloon Bowls

Cost: $350 up to 10 children


Who can take rainbow, wrap in a sigh, soak it in the sun and make a scrumptious chocolate pie? We can! 

Guests will learn about aerodynamics to learn what made the amazing "hover chocolates" in Wonka fly! We'll experiment with several candy to see which is more aerodynamic than the others.

The culinary match involves learning how to make your own chocolate balloon shell and fill it with the birthday child's favorite ice cream & toppings. Let Kids Chem Cook mix it all with love to make your world taste GOOD!


Experiment: Physics & Aerodynamics using balloons and various Wonka candies.

Culinary: Chocolate Balloon Bowls filled with ice cream and your favorite toppings. 

Kids Chem Cook Birthday Party
Ice Cream with Candy

#5. Atmosphere & Weather

Homemade Ice cream

Cost: $350 up to 10 children


Guests will learn about atmosphere and weather in science. They will conduct several experiments in a jar to help explain some ideas and then transition to a "deep freeze" as they make homemade ice cream topped with all sorts of toppings and sprinkles. I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!

Experiments:  Guests make rain in a jar and a snow storm in a jar. These are so fun to see!

Culinary: Homemade Ice Cream. Guests learn to make homemade ice cream and then get to top it off with their favorite treats! It is DELICIOUS!

Kids Chem Cook Birthday Party
Lava Cake

#6. The Science Behind Valcanoes

Lava Cakes

Cost: $370 up to 10 children


For this party package, guests will learn the science behind volcanoes and build their very own erupting volcano. In the culinary portion of this party, guests will make lava cakes and watch them ooze with chocolate. Who doesn't "lava" chocolate?

Experiment: Build Your Own Erupting Volcano

Culinary: Homemade Chocolate Lava Cakes. Topped with powdered sugar and fresh strawberries. This is a real CROWD-PLEASER!


#7. Popping Foods

Sweet & Savory Popcorn + Exploding Strawberrys

Cost: $350 up to 10 children


Your guests will be entertained with pops all around as they learn the science behind some of our favorite popping foods. Why does popcorn pop? What is Pop Candy? Outdoors, your guests will carry out a science experiment of blasting proportions by combining diet soda & Mentos. In the culinary portion, they will make either a savory or sweet popcorn recipe. We end by making Red, White, & Blue strawberries using Pop Rocks. Your guests will have a "BLAST"!

Experiment: Diet soda & Mentos experiment

Culinary: Birthday Boy/Girls choose from Parmesan Ranch Popcorn OR Smores Popcorn. In addition to the popcorn recipe of their choice, we end the party with Red, White, & Blue Exploding Strawberries. It is a "tantalizing" experience!


#8. Let It Glow!

Glow in the Dark Slime + Jello Grapes; Jello Jigglers

Cost: $350 up to 10 children


Children will learn the meaning of bioluminescence and what characteristics a living creature must have to glow. We'll learn about real-life examples of glowing species and then conduct a fun experiment to see which flavor and color of Jello glows best.

Children will then make their own glow-in-the-dark slime which they get to take home for hours of play. The culinary match are bright and colorful Jello grapes and jigglers. Your party will have fun letting it glow!

Experiment: Glow in the dark slime

Culinary: Jello Grapes and Jello Jigglers. Children will learn how to make frozen jello grapes with various flavors of Jello. The second portion involves learning how to make Jello jigglers and then cutting out Jello with various cookie cutters. This class is one of our most colorful topics. Children love it!

Pink elephant toothp.jpg

#9. Let's Get Dolled Up! Barbie-licious Science

Pink Elephant Toothpaste + 2 Barbie-licious Food Options to Make

Cost: $350 up to 10 children


Let's get all dolled up with this Barbie-licous-themed party! We'll begin with our favorite science experiment in PINK and GLITTER (elephant toothpaste)! For the culinary match we have up to five options to choose from: 1) Barbie-licous Push Up Pops 2) Pinkilicous Popcorn 3) Pretty in Pink Lemonade 4) Baked Pink Barbie Donuts

5) Dipped Strawberries - yes, in Pink Candy Melts. Parents will choose two of these options for this fun dress up party!

Experiment: Dolled-Up Elephant Toothpaste

Culinary: Parents can choose two culinary options from above for this Barbie-licious fun-filled party! Don't forget to arrive dolled-up!. 

Please review the KCC Child Waiver form before submitting the Party Request Form

We make a concerned effort to provide a safe and fun learning environment for every participant in our KCC Camps and Parties, but we are also aware that our offerings may not be suitable for every child. Please review the KCC Disclaimer form (click the PDF) to insure that you are aware of any potential allergen or accessability challenges that may present an issue for your child or the children attending our events.

Please print + complete the KCC Child Waiver Form and bring 1 copy per attendee on the day of the event.

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