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Kid's Chem Cook is the brainchild of founder Michelle Quintanilla.

After years of teaching children and searching for fun learning opportunities for her own daughters, Michelle began developing fun-filled camps that help students learn more about chemistry and cooking basics...creating a win-win for all involved. ​Whether you choose a Camp or one of our customizable Birthday options, you and your child are sure to enjoy what Kids Chem Cook has to offer.

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Kids Chem Cook Team


Michelle, Founder of Kids Chem Cook, has been in the educational system at Santa Cruz Catholic School for over ten years. She received her Bachelor's degree in Biology and minored in Science at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. Her experience has proven that children of all ages, love "hands-on" learning and activities. It gets children excited and inspired. She has found that children, in this post-pandemic time, are eager to engage themselves in experiential learning. Plus, we provide a great way to pull our children from their electronic devices.

Michelle and her husband Andy are co-owners of Kids Chem Cook. Both are EIM Certified since 2011 within the Diocese of Austin. We have been trained and educated in ethical and behavioral matters involving the abuse of children and the elderly. We are required to take this training along with a background check every two years.

Andy has owned and managed several home-building business in the past and is the Financial Manager of this business. Michelle and Andy have two daughters, Gabriela and Brianna who play a key role in the success of the business.

Kids Chem Cook Founders
Kids Chem Cook Founders
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