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Kid's Chem Cook is the brainchild of founder Michelle Quintanilla.

After years of teaching children and searching for fun learning opportunities for her own daughters, Michelle began developing fun-filled camps that help students learn more about chemistry and cooking basics...creating a win-win for all involved. ​Whether you choose a Camp or one of our customizable Birthday options, you and your child are sure to enjoy what Kids Chem Cook has to offer. ​Learn More about Michelle and her family by clicking the link below.


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Kids Chem Cook Testimonials

"Kids Chem Cook camp was an amazing opportunity for our kids. The hands on experience was exciting for them and each day they came home eager to share their new creations."

"The excitement didn't end after camp was over either. It's now a common request to bake at home. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!"

-Liz A.

Kids Chem Cook Testimonials

My daughter, 2nd grade, attended Kids Chem Cook and had a blast. She loved the fun science experiments and cooking. She now has a passion for getting in the kitchen to try new things. 

-Amanda H.

Kids Chem Cook Testimonials

"My daughters had the pleasure of attending a summer camp hosted by Kids Chem Cook this summer. To say they had a blast would be putting it lightly. They came home everyday with beautiful copies of recipes and amusing stories of the food they made during camp. As a parent, knowing camp was both fun AND educational, is invaluable. We can't wait to visit them at the WW2 golf museum!"
- Rosemary G.




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